Burning Fitness Buffalo Personal Training Gym

Our Buffalo personal trainers are certified through NASM (the National Academy of Sports Medicine) because of their high industry standard for education and expertise in physical fitness. This distinctive certification requires a thorough knowledge of anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, and the science & psychology of human movement — putting them at the top of the field in training personal fitness.

Burning Fitness Personal Training
NASM Certified Personal Trainer

NASM Certified Personal Trainers

At Our Local, Buffalo Personal Training Gym

Our certified personal training team is here to help you reach your fitness and body image goals! We design personalized training programs specializing in:


Weight-Loss & Fat-Loss Programs


Muscle & Strength Building Programs


Toning & Conditioning Programs


Mobility & Flexibility Improvement


Boosting Endurance & Cardiovascular


Event / Competition Training

Our Mission & Philosophy

At Burning Fitness, our goal is YOUR goal. 

Turn your fitness dreams into reality with Burning Fitness Personal Training! Our goal is to work with you on a highly personalized level to program an exercise routine that fits your lifestyle while delivering RESULTS that are effective and sustainable.

We strive to inspire and motivate — to leave you feeling GREAT about yourself and your fitness accomplishments every time you leave the gym. The community and atmosphere at Burning Fitness spark energy, support, and confidence each time you come to the gym.

Don't just take our word for it...

Here's What Our Personal Training Members Have to Say!

"Steve has been my trainer for several years. His programs are varied and designed to meet my goals. He’s attentive to form and results and explains the progression in his programs. Steve holds me accountable to my training goals. He’s also knowledgeable with nutrition questions. Highly recommend."

— Robin D.

Elmwood Village

"My wife and I have been going to Burning Fitness for a little over a year. Steve, the owner is professional, extremely knowledgeable, accommodating, helpful, attentive, and friendly. Trevon is also a great trainer at Burning Fitness, also knowledgeable, and super friendly. We are both just retired and this experience has been positive and we feel so much better, our endurance and strength has improved and the daily aches and pains I was experiencing have vanished. I recommend Burning Fitness to anyone interested in improving their overall health and wellbeing. Kudos !!!!"

— David C.


"This has been the best experience I have had working out, I look forward to going and I feel so motivated. Both Tre and Steve are great, and anyone who is looking for motivating trainers absolutely look into burning fitness!!"

— Desyre L.


"I have spent years in weight rooms and gyms. I have worked with strength-coaches before, and Steve has exceeded my expectations.

He works with me around whatever injury or pain I have at the time, monitors my form, and develops the right program for my current goal. Within the first two weeks of working with Steve, he began adapting the program to push me and develop me. He responded to my desire to pushed, driving me towards my best self.

Steve always comes in bright and early with great energy, which makes it easy for me to want to continue towards a better version of myself. Overall, my time with Steve has been worth every penny, and I am extremely happy with my results during my time with him."

— Ed Q.

North Park

"I love Burning Fitness and it's easily one of the best investments I've put toward my physical and mental health. Steve and Trey are awesome human beings who know how to build a no-nonsense program that will have you begging for mercy but they will have you smiling and laughing in the next moment because that's just the vibe they bring. You have all the equipment you need, it's as clean as can be, and everyone's cool and respectful. What else could you ask for?"

— Mediha P.


Lose Weight. Get Stronger. Boost Energy. Be Healthier.