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Burning Fitness Personal Training Services in Buffalo, NY

Our Personal Training Gym Memberships Include…

Burning Fitness Personal Training

Personal Training Sessions

Semi-Private, Individualized Personal Training Sessions

Working with a certified personal trainer gives you the accountability, motivation, variety, knowledge and security you need to achieve your fitness & body image goals! Burning Fitness offers memberships for weekly personal training sessions of 2, 3, 4, or 5 times per week and are provided for 3 month or 1 year contract periods. Sessions are one hour long and completely guided by your NASM certified personal trainer. Request a FREE Assessment to get started!

Burning Fitness Personal Training

Lifestyle & Nutrition Coaching

Regular Meetings with Your Trainer to Keep You On Track for Your Goals

Exercising is not the only factor when you have goals for your fitness, weight-loss, muscle gain, endurance, performance and overall health! Our NASM certified personal trainer can give you the guidance and coaching you need in all aspects of your life to implement healthy habits that will help you achieve RESULTS faster and to keep them around without backtracking your progress. Our memberships include regular access to your trainer to get as much or as little nutrition and lifestyle coaching you’d like!

Burning Fitness Personal Training

Custom, Progressive Training Programs

Individually Designed Fitness Programs, Tailored for Your Life & Goals

At Burning Fitness, we don’t print out cookie-cutter workouts for the masses. Each of our members gets a custom designed workout program based on their experience strength, goals, lifestyle, body, flexibility, mobility, and more. These programs are designed not only to help you with your fitness goal (whether it’s weight loss, muscle gain, etc…), but are also tailored to help correct any  tightness in your body, and improve your mobility & flexibility. It’s an all around individualized plan to a happier, healthier YOU! Get started today!

Burning Fitness Personal Training Gym Cardio Floor
Burning Fitness Personal Training Gym Interior
Burning Fitness Personal Training Gym Strength Training Floor
Burning Fitness Personal Training Gym Cardio Floor

Lose Weight. Get Stronger. Boost Energy. Be Healthier.