Our Certified Personal Trainers at Burning Fitness Buffalo

Steve Berning

Owner & NASM Certified Personal Trainer


Actively training myself since I was 19 years old, physical fitness, exercise, health and nutrition has been a passion throughout my life. Even before I became a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, I was constantly researching and studying physiology and kinesiology for my own interest and personal fitness goals.

In spite of being raised among a relatively unhealthy and inactive family, I was very outgoing, energetic and active in sports growing up — participating for several years in wrestling, soccer, and baseball. My experiences and surroundings motivated me to take care of my body from a young age through my physical fitness level, nutrition and overall health and lifestyle.

“I want to be able to run, jump, swim, and play with my kids & grandkids someday — not sidelined because I didn’t care about my body earlier.”

Steve’s energetic passion for fitness and health extends through to his clients. His contagious energy in combination with his knowledge and expertise in physical fitness are the foundation for giving our clients the motivation to reach their fitness goals.

Trévon Liggins

NASM Certified Personal Trainer


Exercising had always been something I was interested in, however I had a difficult time committing to. After a couple of years of being on and off, I told myself enough is enough and to take it seriously.

The thought of becoming a trainer never crossed my mind until I was working in a gym and had members asking me questions about how to use equipment or do exercises. After some time, the idea of helping and guiding others on their fitness journey especially in the beginning stages sounded like a great experience and definitely something I would like to be a part of.

I struggled a lot during the beginning stages of exercising and there was a lot of valuable information I missed out on. Had I seeked help through a trainer, I surely would have been more consistent and felt more confident going into a gym. Whether the goal is weight loss or building muscle, I believe that we all can relate to the nervous feelings of starting something new.

“My goal as a trainer is to teach others the plethora of benefits that come with exercise and make it a fun experience!”

Lose Weight. Get Stronger. Boost Energy. Be Healthier.