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What to Expect

At Your Free Assessment

During this assessment you’ll meet with our NASM Certified Personal Trainer to discuss your goals for your fitness, body composition and health, and then evaluate your mobility, balance, strength and overall fitness. We use this information to start planning your custom designed, personal training program — tailored to fit your body AND your life, so you to efficiently reach and maintain your goals!

You’ll have the opportunity at this meeting to discuss any questions and concerns you may have so we can find out if Burning Fitness is right for you. There’s no pressure to sign up, and we’ll send you home with a membership contract to review if you’re interested!

Burning Fitness Personal Training
Desyre Lee
Desyre Lee
This has been the best experience I have had working out, I look forward to going and I feel so motivated. Both Tre and Steve are great, and anyone who is looking for motivating trainers absolutely look into burning fitness!!
Sam Long
Sam Long
I joined Burning Fitness in November 2022 having never set foot in a gym before and living a completely sedentary lifestyle. I absolutely love the supportive, encouraging, nonjudgmental atmosphere here as well as the small group sizes. Steve and Tre have both been wonderful about explaining (and often reexplaining) exercises to me, including the “why” behind them. The facility is top notch and centrally located. Highly recommend!
Lynn Amplement
Lynn Amplement
I’ve been going here for about 6 months and I can definitely see a difference in my strength and endurance. Steve and Tre are very knowledgeable and fun to work with. I love how the program switches up so the workouts don’t become stale.
Audrey Loines
Audrey Loines
The best place in Buffalo to go to if you’re just starting or continuing your fitness journey. I’ve only been going for a couple months and I’m already noticing positive changes physically, and most importantly mentally. Steve and Trey are extremely good at what they do, and go through great lengths to work with you and motivate you.
Mike Letina
Mike Letina
I've been working with Steve for years. He is knowledgeable, professional, and all around great to work with. He is always very straightforward and easy to talk to. You can talk to him about your goals and he will be able help give you a no nonsense answer on how the achieve them. He has a consistent following of clients for good reason

The Benefits of Working with a Personal Trainer

Achieve your fitness & body goals faster and have more sustainable results with Burning Fitness!

Accountability & Motivation

Let’s face it, often the HARDEST thing about working out is just getting TO the gym. Knowing your personal trainer is waiting for you gives you accountability to get there, and our energy will help fuel your motivation for your workout.

Certified Expertise in Exercise & Fitness

Your certified personal trainer has the knowledge and experience to program the BEST exercises with PROVEN results. Your workouts are personalized to be as effective as possible for your body, your goals,  your fitness level, and your lifestyle.

Efficient & Effective Workouts

No more spending hours and hours at the gym working overtime. Our trainers design your workout programs to be as efficient as possible — so you can spend less time at the gym and still achieve the results you’re looking for!

Injury Prevention & Correct Form

Incorrect form and movement in various exercises can not only put you at risk of injury, but also may be less effective to your workout. Our trainers know how to correct your form to prevent risk of injury and to ensure your workout is effective.

Burning Fitness Personal Training
Burning Fitness Personal Training
NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Why choose Burning Fitness Buffalo Personal Training?

Custom, Progressive Training Programs

Designed by your trainer specifically for your body & schedule!

Semi-Private Training Sessions

One-on-one quality attention at an affordable cost!


Regular Assessments / Check-Ins to Track Progress

Nutrition Coaching & Guidance from Your Trainer

To help your fitness program deliver the best results possible!


Easy-to-Use Online Scheduling App


Convenient Training Session Hours

Flexible booking to fit your busy life & schedule!


Spacious & Convenient Location off I-190


Secure Building with Member-Only Access


Off-Street Parking

Burning Fitness Gym & Personal Training Facility located in Buffalo

1048 Niagara St. Buffalo, NY 14213

Private, Off-Street Parking Available

The Burning Fitness training facility is located at 1048 Niagara Street on the west side of Buffalo, off exit 9 on I-190. The gym is located on the front end of the building in a secure, gated parking lot. Members may park private parking area in front of the entrance, or in the abundant street parking on Niagara. Look for our banner on the entrance gate that says “Burning Fitness”!


Training Session Hours

  • Monday 6:00–11:00 AM,  4:00–8:00 PM
  • Tuesday 6:00–11:00 AM,  3:00–8:00 PM
  • Wednesday 6:00–11:00 AM,  4:00–8:00 PM
  • Thursday 6:00–11:00 AM,  3:00–8:00 PM
  • Friday 6:00–11:00 AM,  3:00–7:00 PM
  • Saturday 7:00–11:00 AM
  • Sunday CLOSED

Burning Fitness

500 Seneca St.
Buffalo, NY 14204

Entrance & Parking Lot on Myrtle Ave

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